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College Visit Tip 13 – Know Where to Park

College Visit Tip 13 Visiting a College? Know where to Park! Parking is difficult on or around most college & university campuses. Before arriving on-campus know where to park. Check with admissions or campus security. Some questions you might ask: Is there a special lot for visitors? Do you need […]

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College Visit Tip 7 – Know NCAA Rules!

College Visit Tip # 7  Athletes Should Know the NCAA Rules for Official & Unofficial Visits The NCAA (National College Athletic Association) sets the rules for Official and Unofficial college visits. If you would like to play sports at a D1, D2 or D3 college or university be sure you […]

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 College Visit Tip #3 – The bookstore is a great place to approach students with questions College Visit Tip # 3 Meet students in the campus Book Store A great place to approach students with questions is the bookstore. So certainly look at the tees and sweatshirts but also consider […]

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College Dorm

College Visit Question # 2 – Can Students Choose their College Dorms College dorm lifestyle is a new experience for most freshman. Being in the right dorm can be the different between a great college experience and the worst college experience. If the college or university provides dorm choice (ask), […]

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Ask Lots of Questions

Your Questions Matter! Ask lots of questions when visiting colleges and universities. It is important for you to ask questions. Whether your questions are about the admission process, financial aid, roommate selection, faculty, or lifestyle related the answers you receive to your specific questions will play a key role in […]

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Make Memories

College Visit Tip # 2 Make Memories! We love to make memories with our kids on college tours and campus visits. Visiting college and university campuses, meeting students, professors and coaches should all be positive experiences that create lasting impressions. These memories are not only to help choose a college […]

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21 College Tips I Wish I Knew Freshman Year

21 College Tips I Wish I Knew Freshman Year

In this guest post USC junior Stefano Ganddini has great advice for college freshmen (although sophomores might find it appropriate too).  If you are headed to college next fall, I recommend that you read his tips at least seven times, print it out, read it again and set a reminder for […]

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Stay Organized

Stay Organized! As we are nearing the end of the college application process with our clients, we have found that for many students (and parents) there are still many lessons to be learned when it comes to organizing and referencing needed information. I though it might be relevant to suggest a system for […]

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Better Campus Visit Experiences

Better Campus Visit Experiences There was a recent Huffington Post blog by a young man from New Jersey who had been “dragged along” on his older brother’s college tours. We thought it was a great blog and that it brought to the surface many of the reasons why it might […]

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Questions to Ask on a College Visit

The following is a guest blog submitted to us by Kendall College in Chicago. The post offers great advice to students planning to visit college campuses. What Questions Should Students Be Asking on College Visits? When I was a junior and senior in high school, I got the opportunity to go […]

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