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Founded by Janice and Alan Caine, the idea for Custom College Visits grew out of their daughter’s college visit experiences. As they looked back over her college search journey they discovered that the customized college visits and engaging on-campus meetings with students, and faculty that Janice had arranged were a key factor in her decision. Sensing a need for this unique planning process the couple started Custom College Visits. The company has since expanded to provide other types of college planning including: college list research, admissions preparation consulting and travel planning for college visit road trips.

Our Team

Janice Caine

Janice Caine
Founder of Custom College Visits and parent of both a recent college graduate and a college freshman, Janice has both personal and professional hands-on experience with the time-consuming details related to planning multiple college campus visits.

Janice has over twenty years of travel industry and meeting-planning experience. She has an extensive background creating individual and group travel itineraries—many requiring complex logistics and extensive research about domestic and international destinations.

Knowing from personal experience how stressful planning a multi-day college trip can be, Janice focuses on the specific needs of each family. Whether Skypeing with a teen about on-campus arrangements, emailing a parent about the itinerary, or checking in during a trip, Janice is there to provide one-on-one guidance and support.

Janice loves working directly with parents and teens from the initial consultations, through on-campus logistics & arrangements, travel research and itinerary planning. She is also responsible for college relations. Janice holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College.

Janice was asked recently to name one thing that makes her extremely proud of the work she does. Her response: ‘That so many people, during our first conversation, tell me that they feel so much better about the college search process after having spoken with me.’

What have been some of Janice’s most challenging moments?

  • ‘With five days’ notice, figuring out a five-day college tour itinerary for a mother and son coming to the U.S. from England who wanted in-depth visits for colleges in New York, New Jersey and North Carolina. And we did it!’
  • ‘Working to make sure that four different families traveling during the same week, with four different itineraries, experienced trips that ran smoothly, all while I was attending Accepted Students Day with my son!’

Alan Caine

Alan handles business and partner development. Alan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University  (NYU).

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