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May 2015
When will it be over? When will he decide?

These were the two questions that had been pervading my household for two months. It all started on a hot day in August when I finally sat down with my son and asked him “Where do you want to go to college?” and “Where will you get in?”
My son had said he didn’t want big; 5,000 – 10,000 was the perfect size. So we called Janice, founder of Custom College Visits, to get her opinion on which schools he should apply to. She had helped us with our older son, and had him apply to a number of schools that we would have never thought about. Of course, it was one of these schools that he now attends.
Back to my other son. She explained to him that he needed to expand his list and gave us names of other schools she thought he may like, based on criteria that she had discussed with him. Some that were ‘reaches,’ some we hoped would be ‘likelies’ and others that seemed right on target. She even encouraged him to apply to a few big schools, because after talking to him she felt that he could really thrive at one of them.

With a list of about 12 schools, my son began the process. Getting through the applications and writing the essays was just one aspect of this stressful journey. My son knew if he was going to apply early anywhere, he had to go see the schools—besides helping to choose which schools to apply to, this is where Janice and Custom College Visits was invaluable.
Janice helped us set up meetings with professors in his field of interest, find students he could spend time with and possibly go to class with and also organized times for him to speak with various student groups on campus.
After two trips in the fall, he knew to which schools he wanted to apply to, and even thought he knew which one he really wanted to go to. On Janice’s suggestion, he applied to a few others he hadn’t seen. As time passed, all the applications were in and now he had to wait…
Fast forward to the spring and it was now time to make a decision. My son was very lucky; he had been accepted to a number of schools and had a lot of great choices. His heart was set on the school he had seen in the fall, but some of the other acceptances came with scholarship and honors offers.

Feeling that he should give these other schools and chance, some of them bigger than he had originally wanted, we set out again. Janice planned more meetings with professors, overnights with students, and in-depth campus tours. She even organized a time for us to meet with the director of one of the school’s scholar programs and current students that were in the program.
One by one, he was able to narrow down his choices to two. Ironically they couldn’t have been more different. Elon in North Carolina with 5,000 students and Ohio State with about 45,000. Who would have ever thought that my son would feel at home in such a big school. However, having had the opportunity to visit he knew that the school may be big, but it felt just right.

Finally after mulling it over with us and spending time talking it over with Janice, who asked him some great questions, he came to his decision. Janice and Custom College Visits had done it again. My son has chosen to attend The Ohio State—a big school that he would have never applied to or fallen in love with, had it not been for the amazing professors and students he had the opportunity to meet.
One more son to go! Thankfully I have a few years before we have to go through this again—but I won’t even think about doing it without the help of Custom College Visits.

Southern California

Diane B. - Parent of High School Student

May 2014

Our college process was two-fold. It began with getting a jump start on the standardized testing, and not waiting until spring of junior year to focus. I believe our outcome was successful because we had a well-managed plan helped along by an expert, Janice Caine, of Custom College Visits. "Read more...

San Mateo

Lisa L. - Parent of High School Students

“Thank you SO MUCH for your involvement in the Splash Parents' Program this weekend! I am just reviewing the feedback forms, and your presentation received rave reviews across the board; many parents cited it as the highlight of the program for them! Some verbatim quotes include: ‘The Planning and Preparing for College Visits was a great eye opener;’ ‘The college presentation was very informative!’ ‘Parents' Program should have more talks like the 'Preparing For College Visits' presentation. Thank you for all the effort, energy, and enthusiasm you put into making the event such a success.”

Marisa M. Coordinator, Splash Parents' Program - Spring 2013

We had a wonderful trip to Philadelphia and Boston thanks to Janice Caine of Custom College Visits. She worked out an itinerary from start to finish. We visited 9 schools in 5 days and it was as smooth as possible. Janice worked out tours and information sessions as well as meetings with tennis coaches.We have boy/girl twins and both were happy which is not an easy achievement. Not only did Janice work out the schedule but she recommended great schools in both towns. We would highly recommend her.

Phil S. - parent of high school students

Thank you again for being so good at what you do. Our trip to the US was a huge success. I was on the verge of cancelling the trip but knew I couldn't let my son down. That I even found you on the internet was a direct answer to my prayer for a miracle. 

The itinerary worked very well. I knew I was in good hands even before I boarded the plane to the US and your attention to detail far exceeded my expectation.

Egbe O - Parent of international high school student

This past weekend I went to Flagstaff with Justin for his NAU orientation. He’s registered for his classes, which I can’t believe start next month. Guess he is now officially a Lumberjack! I think he will be happy there as I feel confident this is the right school for him. I reminded him that you were the one who suggested this school. He told me that if it wasn’t for you mentioning NAU to us, he doesn’t know what he’d be doing as he really didn’t like any other school we looked into except for Michigan State. But, we all felt it was too far for him to go. So, we are really grateful to you!!

Diane M – parent of college junior (transfer student)

“We have been working with Janice and Custom College Visits for over a year. When we began, my son had no idea where to apply. Janice's system to help choose the right type of college helped him narrow down his search to schools that would be a good match. She then created a custom itinerary for our college visits that was easy to follow and allowed us to see numerous schools in a short period of time. Once we had our final 20+ schools, Janice worked closely with us to fine tune the list of colleges to which my son will apply.

“I have two more children and many nieces and nephews that will be applying to college in the future. I wouldn't go through this process again without the amazing knowledge and guidance of Janice and Custom College Visits.”

Diane B. - Parent of high schooler

Getting to the colleges is harder than getting into them! It was my parents’ idea to work with Custom College Visits and I’m so glad I listened to them. Custom College Visits took everything I thought I wanted into consideration and created an absolutely perfect list of schools. When we received a full itinerary of our trip to the schools, it was awesome. Custom College Visits lowered my stress level so much and I recommended it to all of my friends.

Heather C. – Sophomore college student

Custom College Visits does a fantastic job from the initial conversation to when the letters start coming in. They are a one-stop resource for everything related to the college search process. Janice was so personable and friendly and proactive. I felt like she really cared about my daughter and her future as opposed to just being another "client" in her database. The service we received was totally personalized for us. We are about to start the process again with our son and I feel relieved and confident that we've got such terrific support coming from CCV during this phase.

Alysa P. – Parent of college student

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